Boost Your Email Campaigns: Make Video Work For You!

by | Apr 14, 2024 | Email Trends and Innovations

Picture this: You’ve lovingly toiled over an email campaign, smashing out clever word play and top-tier puns, only to be rewarded with a click-through rate that wouldn’t even earn a glance from a near-sighted mole. Grim, right?

Well, chin up mate! There’s more than one way to skin a cat, and there’s certainly more than one way to jazz up your email marketing. Enter stage right: video content. I’m going to tell you a little tale, and it’s got all the elements of a great British soap opera — suspense, plot twists, and ultimately, triumphant heroes.

Consider the story of our protagonist, Good ole’ Gary, a savvy marketer just like you. Gary could have written a catchy jingle in his sleep, he was that good, but despite his best efforts, his company’s email campaigns were about as exciting as a Sunday roast without the Yorkshire puddings. Gary felt like he was trapped in a twisted episode of Groundhog Day, each campaign mimicking the previous one — all text, no conversions. The mood in the office was dire; something had to change.

Desperate and nearing a Britney Spears 2007-level breakdown, Gary decided to table a revolutionary idea. Instead of another dreary email full of text, why not incorporate a video? Granted, his workmates looked at him like he’d suggested substituting their office tea with decaf. Undeterred, Gary explained how it could be just the shakeup needed to boost their lacklustre open rates. After a bit of huffing, puffing, and more than a few “This bloke’s lost his marbles” glances, the team conceded to give Gary’s mad-cap idea a crack.

Cue a whirlwind montage of brainstorming, shooting, editing, and sandwich-stealing from the office fridge; the result was a polished and engaging video which was then embedded into the email campaign. As the send button was clicked, you could cut the tension in the office with a stale scone. Would Gary’s gamble pay off?

Catch your breath, dear readers, for the climax of our tale is nothing short of a triumph. Miraculously, their email open rates shot up faster than hen’s night karaoke sign-ups. Engagement soared, conversions increased, and morale in the office rocketed sky high. Gary became an office legend, and emails became something much more than just a block of text.

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So, what’s the moral of Gary’s tale? Simply, that sometimes taking a leap of faith and trying something different can lead to surprising successes. Don’t let your email marketing become as predictable and anticlimactic as a British summer. It’s time to revolutionise your campaigns, it’s time to make video work for you. Get your storyboard ready, your camera rolling and your finger poised on that ‘send’ button. Who knows? You could just be the next Gary.

Your first email is a bit like the fireworks at the start of a grand celebration. That being said, let’s introduce a novel way of getting your message across; videos. With their ability to encapsulate complex information into digestible sound and visual snippets, videos can grab your customer’s attention instantly, offering a more dynamic, memorable user experience. Embrace this trend, and you’ll be on your way to a brilliant kick-off!

As a testament to the power of video content, consider the success story of Fast Fixer Uppers, a home-renovation website. They sent a video-infused email teasing a DIY project. Their open rates soared by 40%, and they registered a three-fold increase in customer interaction. MagNet Media, which dispatched an email comprising primarily of a short, behind-the-scenes video of their newsroom, observed a considerable boost in curiosity-driven, quality traffic. These narratives are clear proof that integrating videos can bring about a paradigm shift in your email marketing outcomes.

Now, let’s dive into the ‘how-to’ part. Automatic playing is a big no-no. It can be intrusive and downright annoying. Eye-catching thumbnails not only provide a sneak-peek but also incite interest. Lastly, ensure that your video is optimised for mobile viewing. With more than half of all emails opened on mobile devices, you neglect this aspect at your own peril!

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Table 1: Techniques for effective video emails

Technique Importance
No Automatic Play Avoids Intrusion
Eye-catching Thumbnail Incites Interest
Mobile Optimisation Ensures Accessibility

Does incorporating videos turn your email campaign from a chump to a champ? Absolutely! They add an interactive element that elevates your campaign a notch higher, giving you a competitive edge. You can explain your product or service in a way that holds viewer attention, thus increasing the chances of conversion. Welcome aboard the video train!

Having videos in your emails moves prospects from maybes to most definitelies. The captivating nature of videos can push interested subscribers further along the buying journey than a traditional, text-only email ever could. And every marketer knows what that means – more conversions!

Every successful campaign ends with a moment of reflection. Assess the metrics relevant to your video email campaign, like play rate, view time, clicks, and shares. Look for cues that will give you a thorough understanding of how well your video content is performing. Draw insights and devise future strategies based on these findings. Remember, every failure and success is a stepping stone towards progress.

The Way Forward

And there you have it, ladies and gents, your own personal map to the mountaintop of email marketing success. You’re no longer merely standing on the precipice of mystifying email strategy, you’re striding forward, armed with the potent tool that is video content. Now isn’t that a sack of chips worth snacking on?

Allow me to share a little illustration with you. Picture Roger. He’s your everyday marketer, knee-deep in data and awash with targets. He spent tireless nights, pouring over spreadsheets and email drafts, hoping to ignite that elusive spark of engagement in his subscribers. One misty Tuesday morning, Roger, fuelled by an excess of caffeine and desperation, decided it was time to break up the monotony. He chose to integrate video content in his next email campaign. A simple demonstration of a new product became a lively waltz of colours and sounds, drawing his audience in like bees to a blooming flower. It was no great cinematic masterpiece, but it was real, relatable, and replete with intent.

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Ready for the punchline? Roger’s click-through rates skyrocketed. The product in the video sold like tickets to a Rolling Stones reunion tour. He became the office hero, proudly parading around in his new found cloak of success, complete with a metaphorical epaulette that screamed ‘Email King’. The atmosphere was electric, the celebrations, epic… And in Roger’s triumph, the office legend (and arguably, dreamboat) was born.

Not too shabby for a bit of video content, right?

So, as you sip your tea and ponder, let Roger’s story serve as a gentle nudge towards the brave new world of video usage in your email campaigns. A world where mundane messages morph into captivating digital narratives, spawning towering peaks of engagements, rather than dreary troughs of disinterest. One strategic decision can transform your campaign’s success, elevate you from average Joe to office hero, and possibly, just possibly, make you the subject of workplace legend… or at least of barnstorming office banter.

In the end, what we’re really talking about is evolution. The beauty of email marketing, like any other sphere of life, lies in its capacity for change, for growth. Using video in your strategy is just another step forward towards a more engaging, effective, and ultimately, more human way of communicating with your customers.

Don’t be a stranger to the charms of video content, folks. Remember, fortune favours the brave—Roger would most certainly agree. And more often than not, in the grand adventure of email marketing, the brave just happen to have a cracking good video up their sleeve. Now if that’s not a piece of wisdom to tape on your monitor, I don’t know what is.

Legend, thy name could be you! So go forth, conquer your email campaigns, and make video work for you!

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