Elevate Your Email Game: Ensure Accessibility for Every User!

by | Mar 2, 2024 | Email Trends and Innovations

Gather ’round, my digital aficionados!

Remember the outlandish days of dial-up, when your unexpected journey into the abyss of the internet began with a cacophony that sounded like an animated robot wrestling with a particularly difficult Sudoku?

Long gone are those days. Email is decidedly the modern messaging marvel, the bedrock of business banter, a vehicle comparable to a trusty old steed, journeying through the annals of the information superhighway.

But how can we ensure every charlie and chuck on either side of your monitor fully tunes into this digital dance? How can we fortify our emails to be the champion of accessibility?

Here’s the scoop, folks: climbing the rungs of the email game ladder is no longer just about whipping up crisp subjects and glam grammar.

It’s about making your emails as hospitable as a cup of tea on a rainy English afternoon; allowing every Tom, Dick, and Harry to partake in their contents.

Journey with me along the virtual vine where we explore how to elevate your email game, ensuring accessibility across all frontiers.

Picture it. Norfolk, 2002. Young Timothy, a spry lad no older than 16, having just gotten his hands on a shiny, new computer he’d saved up months of pocket money for.

Delighted, Timothy explores the depths of his new treasure – the World Wide Web – only to hit a disheartening roadblock.

Being hearing impaired, Timothy was cut off from the auditory cues the emails of that era relied heavily upon. A forgotten, neglected audience in the burgeoning digital age – a story shared by many, lost in the digital cacophony.

Fast forward to the present day; Timothy is a big shot in the tech world, fueled by his early experiences.

In an age of digital inclusion, where we’ve made leaps and bounds, how could we still be missing the mark when it comes to email accessibility?

Half-baked though they may be, our efforts have been equivalent to offering a scone without the clotted cream, the Earl Grey without the teaspoon of sugar – only half the experience, my friends!

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Just because you can’t see the bricks doesn’t dismiss the fact there is a wall.

And herein lies our challenge and our lesson – broadening our perspectives, visiting circumstances beyond our back garden, realising that our communication should not stumble upon digital differences, but prance over them like a sprite in sprint.

As we pop open the bonnet of this topic, and delve into the ins and outs of making accessibility the punctuations in our digital discourse – buckle up!

This won’t be any old Sunday drive through the countryside. No, this promises to be more like an effervescent jaunt on the Autobahn.

Engage, enlighten, and enrich yourselves on this magnificent expedition to making everyone’s day as bright as a lit-up email envelope on a lonely desktop.

Take the First Step

Consider this, you design a brilliant email campaign, carefully crafted for your target audience, but unfortunately, some subscribers struggle with accessing your content due to visual limitations.

It’s a hurdle many marketers overlook, however, it’s paramount to ensure your emails are accessible to all.

Accessibility in emails is not just an ethical obligation, but it opens the gates to a larger audience and increased engagement.

Colour Contrast Woes

While we’re on the subject of accessibility, let’s dive into a couple of underrated aspects.

Colour contrast and font size for instance, need your undivided attention for optimal readability.

Boarding the colour contrast train can mean the difference between a subscriber devouring your content or squinting their eyes at the glaringly bright colours.

Remember, your email’s design should be eye-catching, not hurtful to eyes.

The judicious usage of font size aids legibility a great deal. Enormous headers and magazine-thin body text can be compared to visual rollercoasters which is disconcerting for many. Aim for comfort and harmony when it’s about text sizing.

ADA Compliance, Anyone?

Becoming ADA compliant is your golden ticket to accessibility heaven! This nifty U.S law demands every email sent to consumers comply with WCAG accessibility principles.

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Even though it sounds hefty, it’s for the good of the cause. By ensuring your emails are ADA compliant, you’re demonstrating commitment to accessibility and inclusivity, catering to anyone and everyone. This gesture won’t go unnoticed.

Tales of Triumph

Companies have made giant leaps in the route towards email accessibility. Companies like Apple and BBC have championed accessibility features like alt text for images and clear headers.

These small yet impactful changes have paved the way for positive user experiences for those with accessibility needs, proving triumph over the odds.

The Final Verdict

I say this with caution – ignoring email accessibility would be a cardinal mistake. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the chance to foster a relationship with potential customers, would you?

After all, you want to offer your subscribers an enjoyable, accessible email experience, one that leaves them craving more.

So, are you ready to level up your email game? To make it better, fairer, and more inclusive? Yes? Well, buckle up then! It’s time to create masterpieces that are as accessible as they are appealing!

Company Accessibility Feature
Apple Alt text for images
BBC Clear Headers

In Retrospect

So, there you have it, ladies and gents! A compendium of tools and tactics to help you craft more accessible emails for every user under the digital sun.

But remember, having the tools is not enough – wielding them skilfully is where the magic happens.

Cast your mind back to the implausibly beautiful summer of ’76.

Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now” was topping the charts, the scent of freshly baked Cornish pasties wafted through the air, and young Timothy Shenley had just received his first ever electronic letter.

Timothy was a sprightly chap, renowned for his colourful assortment of knitted waistcoats but was, regrettably, as blind as a bat in a coal cellar at midnight.

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His shiny new Macintosh could sing him the Bee Gees on command, but alas, couldn’t read him an email to save its silicon life.

Fast forward to today; technology has made significant strides, and young Timothy is no longer as young but just as sprightly.

He no longer awaits on RSVPs for his garden bridge parties in silent anguish. Instead, he relishes in the digital symphony of accessible emails crafted to perfection.

The robotic-voiced diction of dance requests, tales spun from suburban book circles, and even Mrs Higginbottom’s legendary rhubarb pie recipe all fall harmonically on his keen ears.

All thanks to people like you and me, who took the time to ensure our emails were accessible to everyone.

It’s not rocket science, folks. It’s just a sprinkle of empathy, a dash of effort, a dollop of understanding. Crafting accessible emails is not just about conforming to guidelines or ticking off boxes.

It’s about ensuring that everyone can partake in the digital dance irrespective of their abilities or lack thereof. Isn’t that what makes the World Wide Web truly world-wide?

In the grand tapestry of digital communication, accessible email practice is not just another stitch. It’s the thread that binds the entire piece, a silent ode to the inclusiveness ingrained within us.

So, next time you click that ‘Send’ button, give it a pause, a moment’s thought – ‘Have I made this email as accessible as a fresh tray of strawberry scones at a cricket match?’

Because remember, our email inboxes might look identical, but our abilities to access them are as unique as the designs on Timothy’s waistcoats.

So, let’s not just elevate our email game, let’s hit it for six and make sure everyone can join the post-match celebrations!

Because at the end of the day, an email ignored is a conversation missed, but an email understood is a connection made.

So chums, let’s be cracking and render our emails accessible, inclusive, and utterly smashing!

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